Once you have bought an ebook from us, you will receive an email with your order details and a link to your order information on our site. From this page you will be able to download any version of the ebooks you have bought. You can also access your downloads from the order details page under the My Orders menu. 

In the My Orders section you will be able to

  • Edit your user information such as address, password, and contact information
  • See all your orders and view downloads for each order

Your ebook download is available immediately after you complete your purchase. Please note that the download will only be available for 1 week after purchasing, and can only be downloaded a maximum of 5 times per format. This is not so you can give the book away 5 times, but in case you have trouble downloading. 

About eBook Formats

We have made our ebooks available in formats compatible with the majority of ebook reader software.

Reading an eBook on your iPad

You can copy ebooks from other sources onto a Kindle reader, but not into any of the Kindle apps on other devices.
Amazon have made it so that you can only read books that you have bought directly from the Amazon store on Kindle apps. 
To read an ebook on your iPad, you need to use one of the eBook reader apps available in the Apple Store, such as iBooks.
You can import the ebook to iBooks using iTunes by dragging and dropping the epub file onto your iTunes library (see here for instructions).

3 Versions for One Price!

Get instant access to all three eBook versions


Upon purchase, you will be able to download your ebook in ePub, Kindle and PDF versions. 

More about downloads and formats


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