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The Church has arrived at the next stage of the grace revolution and there are two ways we could go from here. We could camp around the foundation of grace or we could now begin to build on it and see the Church coming into its finest hour!

After the Revolution is all about what must follow after there has been a grace revolution in a church and in a person's life and is an important step forward.

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"In After the Revolution Ryan has identified a pivotal stage the global grace revolution has sequenced into, what must come next and some of the dangers to avoid that lie ahead. With precise insight he accurately and systematically targets distorted and warped beliefs that an anti-grace spirit has tried to sneakily insert into the foundation of grace to discredit its true power, beauty and effectiveness." - Rob Rufus, Senior pastor, City Church International

"A well-balanced view on the true application of Grace." – Jeff Jansen, Global Fire Church and Ministries, USA

"A relevant message for the times we are in." – Ptr Jocel Evangelista, New Life Christian Center the Fort, Philippines

"This book will equip church leaders to use the grace revolution as a powerful force that can change whole communities and draw multitudes into the kingdom." – Adam F Thompson, Co-Planter of Field of Dreams Church, Australia

"Ryan's chapter on 'The Difference Between a Rebellion and a Revolution' is in my estimation one of the greatest foundational teachings needed today." – Steve Schroeder, President of The Christian Ministers Association of Canada

"A must read for anyone who has experienced the paradigm shift of the Gospel of Grace and desires to grow in maturity." – Lucas Miles, Pastor of Oasis Granger, USA

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2014-02-04 15:37
I really enjoyed this book, I found it a timely insight into the revolution and what needs to happen next.

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