Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature? - eBook

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How long have you believe the lie that Christians still have a sinful nature? 

In this book you'll learn the truth about what really happened to you when you got born again and how you have been empowered by a new nature - God's very own nature in you!

This book clears away the confusion and frustration about how and why Christians still sometimes sin, how grace is the perfect environment to live in if we do sin, how grace is the perfect environment to overcome sin and how to walk in victory over the temptations we all face in this life. 

Now with a study guide: Each chapter concludes with revision questions that are perfect for small group discussions.

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Wayne Duncan - "Ryan clearly shows how God has positioned us to reign in life, through a powerful work in us."

Joshua Mills - "Through Ryan's teachings you will be challenged and empowered to accomplish all that God has called you to be and do!"

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