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God didn't leave us on earth to see how much sin we could overcome, but to see how much of heaven He could bring to earth through our lives!

The supernatural transformation in the spirit of a person, at the point of salvation, is more powerful than any external law or discipline you could apply to a Christian to get them to "be holy" or live for God. Grace awakens the nature of God in the believer and empowers a life of encounter with Him. It’s through this that we are continually transformed, here on earth, into who we already are in the heavenly realms in Christ. ( Paperback, 89 pages)

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Michael Mainka - "I finished reading the book Sanctification by Grace and I must say it was an awesome book! I was blessed with so many fresh revelations and new insights into a previously difficult to articulate topic. The word “sanctification” is terribly misunderstood by most people. Ryan really broke it down into a simple to understand, yet powerful and life giving message. His book will be a required read for all of my leaders."

Steve Wheeler - “A masterpiece By far the best book I have ever read on the subject. I would highly recommend this book as compulsory reading for anyone serious about understanding how to work out their salvation.”

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