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Are you ready for a fresh wave of grace?

Authors: Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus, Fini de Gersigny, Arthur Meintjes, Lucas Miles and more...

So you’ve been established on the foundation of God’s grace and wondering what’s next? Now it’s time to learn how to apply all those living truths into the supernatural lifestyle of grace! The purpose of this book is to help you now connect a theology of grace to a life of grace.

This book will help you catch the new wave of grace that God is releasing upon the earth today causing you to demonstrate, to the world, just how good the Good News of Jesus really is! The first wave was a grace “revolution”. This second wave is a grace “application”. And it comes now on a secure identity in Christ, pure New Covenant motives, and the love of God that is unstoppable!

Living Grace both reinforces the foundation of grace and builds masterfully upon it.

Check out the Living Grace Project website!

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